About Parker Digital Solutions

"Parker Digital Solutions is a Cape Cod web design and marketing studio specializing in data-driven business solutions tailored for the way you do business. I work hard to ensure you have a solid foundation for success and all the information you need to make operational decisions. I view websites as one of many communications and data collection channels, in the marketing mix with social and email as well as brick-and-mortar or word-of-mouth. In order for businesses to operate online in the 21st century, web infrastructure must be designed to give you control and visibility into the flow of your data - both to and from the customers - while relying on uninterrupted service. I understand these needs and the budget constraints they represent, and we put together a digital solutions strategy just for you and the way you do business."

Parker Digital Solutions is run by Cape Cod native, Matthew Parker. With 10 years experience in web dev, graphic design, marketing and business systems, Matthew understands the need to bring all components of a business under precise control - including inbound and outbound communications, sales and operations, shipping and logistics, accounting, and customer support. Throughout his career, Matthew has worked with sole proprietors, mid-size LLCs and global corporate enterprises, to hone and develop digital marketing best practices. Matthew holds a B.S. from the University of Mass Dartmouth in Management Information Systems with a minor in marketing. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2013.


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